The material of which our PPF is made of is resistent to impacts, designed to protect from stones, scratches and other atmospheric hazards.

A car's color can lose it's beauty in many different ways, as light scratches, stains, deep scratches, acid contamination, limescale, and even actual gravel which could easily find it's way underneath the first paint layer, and thereby destroy the main layer, also called primer. M Polish is the official distributor for MagnusPro PPF. With our PPF installed, all above mentioned hazards will be helpless, and the original paint will stay uncompromised, thanks to the perfect clarity and shine. The MagnusPro PPF will heal itself independently from the surrounding temperature, and the integrated Si02 coating will make it a breeze for maintenance. Our PPF is characterized by high clarity, uncomparable shine, thickness of 215 nm, and density 400% higher than the car's factory paint.

The cutting is being done in the inquired shapes, using exclusive software and a Graphtec™ plotter.




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